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Regular Music Program

  • Basic program for children.

  • Age group between 8 to 18 years

  • Music is fun for a new beginner’s first class at Urban Raga as our teaching techniques are customized to suit your child’s needs.

  • Popular choices at this stage include Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, and Singing.

  • Course Content: Our kinder musicians will explore many of the basic music and Piano elements in this lively and enjoyable course, developing rhythm through clapping and counting. This helps to develop each child’s ‘inner ear’ and sight-singing skills, which are crucial to all music-making.

International Certification Program:

  • Growing together: Certified Course

  • Subjects: Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar

  • Certification / Syllabus: International Certification Program by ABRSM, Rock School of Music & London College of Music. Certificates are recognized throughout the world.

  • Term-based program: It is a term-based music program also for students who want to follow a syllabus based on curriculum, students can appear for  International certification.

  • Accreditation- Ofqual Accreditation which means The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations, and assessments in England.

  • They maintain standards and confidence in qualifications in England and are independent of government

Course Summary:

  • Technical Work: 15% – Practical: Technical Pieces, Scales, arpeggios, chords, and other skill-enhancing exercises.

  • Performance: 60%. (Lesson Book for selective Subjects. Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Violin,

  • Voice: The parameters that measure 100%. Completion of a piece is good rhythm, dynamics, tempo, musicality, and interpretation (depending on the piece).

  • Viva Voice: 7%

  •  Chord Sequence / Accompanying Test : 10%

  •  Aural Test

  •  Assessment is done by Examination Board London

Course Fees: Rs.3,000/month

Course Duration: 10 months

Registration Fee: Rs.1500/-

Time/Duration: 1 hour/week

Activity Fee: Depends on participation

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