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  • Do you teach theory?
    Definitely, in all instruments. We find it works best to give theory in doses and then apply it right away. So, for example, a short lesson in accidentals could be followed by a song that has several sharps, flats and naturals. But we also teach Music Theory as a subject.
  • How much time will I take to play like Professional?
    This is a wrong question. We do not put any limit on the duration of this module. The most common question and the answer will be a little difficult as there are so many factors involved in it. It depends on how much time you are spending with your instrument, your grasping power; a little bit of physical ability also required i.e. how fast you can move your fingers on your instrument. But normally it takes 3 to 6 months to get a hang of it. You will be able to read music, play some tunes and can move your fingers which is very important. Also, attendance, patience, interest & daily practice is must are important factors to learn music
  • Do you do Private lessons at Home?
    No, we don't send teachers home as they are completely occupied at school. But we do have one-to-one at school. Who wishes to learn separately from the group. But Depends on the availability of the music teacher and time.
  • Why weekly once / will it be sufficient? Or is that enough to learn fast? Or how many days a week should I have lessons?
    Yes, Once a week is enough. • In general one lesson, a week is about right, and you practice every day to learn it well and then build on what you have learned in your following lesson the next week. • You need enough time to digest and absorb what each lesson contained. If you do quality practice, you will learn fast and is the key to creating continuity, while allowing enough time between lessons to process and practice new information, because if it takes longer, it may bore you and decrease your efficiency. • If you take more classes, you will get overwhelmed and you won't have very much time to practice. The idea of lessons is that you learn something new every time, so you need time to practice and understand what you are given each time. • You learn a certain amount of new stuff and then you have a week to master it. If you had a longer lesson, or two lessons a week, you would have too much new stuff to properly master before the next lesson. • When you get to higher grades with longer and harder pieces, your lesson may have to be longer because it will take more time to hear everything. • It's a practice that makes a person good at something.
  • What makes Urban Raga unique?
    What makes the school more unique and innovative. It is its involvement and integration with the system and syllabus. The Urban Raga school of music expects the active support of all like-minded people to come forward to make our effort a reality in the interest of preserving meaningful music for the future generation.
  • Do I really have to buy an instrument?
    Although you can use our Piano/Drums/Guitar while you're here, you are really going to have something to practice, to make the lessons worthwhile.
  • We have a Keyboard. Will that be OK instead of a Piano?
    Despite the pursue who may disagree with me here, a Keyboard will do just fine, at least for the time being - the fact is that many students start out with a Keyboard or Synthesizer. The next best thing is a digital Keyboard that has weighted keys to simulate the feel of a real Acoustic Piano. In time, if your child has shown a continued interest in the instrument, you might consider taking the plunge and purchasing a digital or Acoustic Piano.
  • My 5-or 6-year old really wants to play the Guitar. Is that too young?
    We can start young children off on the Keyboard with the intent of moving towards the Guitar. 7+ is the right age to start with Acoustic Guitar. Classical Guitar can be started at the age of 6+
  • Do you teach adults?
    Definitely. About 20% of our students are adults. The criteria are a little bit different, as adults move at their own pace. Adults know the importance of practicing, so they're not going to hear the speech that the teachers normally reserve for some of the children.
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