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Hobby Course

  • Our leisure and contemporary courses are for those who are looking for a hobby class or a performance-oriented curriculum/ course that’s right for you then here are the courses for you.

  • Whether you are looking to develop a new hobby, improve your skills or move to the next level in your career, matches with the exam structure you will get your choice at Urban raga.

  • We look forward to helping you to again your learning goals and achieve your potential.


  1.  Performance-oriented contemporary style curriculum.

  2. Exciting Repertoire. including popular English songs, and tracks that lead to the growth of heart, mind & soul.

  3.  Internationally recognize Curriculum.

  4. Well-trained & expert teachers.

  5. Systemized fun learning curriculum based on more than 50 years of research & experience.

  6. Supporting Sound source with backtrack used as playback during classes.

  7. Lesson Style – Group classes with personal attention.

  8. A planned lesson with minimum learning time.

  9. Instrument and Education at one place, No Need to carry your instrument.

Syllabus Objective:

  1.  A course of study based on this Performance as well as a structured curriculum.

  2. The syllabus is intended to provide:  A balanced combination of performing skills and supporting literacy.

  3. Opportunities for learning and assessment that are both creatively challenging and technologically relevant.

  4. Opportunities for mastery learning that are structured and directly related to the repertoire published for each grade.

  5. Candidates with the basis for study and practice to develop relevant and usable skills and concepts

Registration fee: Rs.1500/-

​Course fee for Piano: Rs.2800/month

​Course fee for Keyboard / Guitar / Violin / Vocal / Drums: Rs.2500/month

Classes: Weekly Once, If you need more classes you can discuss them with the teacher.

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