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Experiencing Music -
Music Foundation Course

Age group 5 to 14 years (Piano, Keyboard, Violin & Guitar)

Music Foundation course is very essential & must for all beginners. It is compulsory for all music learners (Kids /Junior / Grade Musicians), Age group 5 to 18 years (Piano, Keyboard, Violin & Guitar)​ 

In core foundation curriculum we have included important elements of music theory and musicianship. In order to get the most out of your musical studies, it is important to know the basics about chords, melodies, rhythms, scales, time keeping, solfege, and how all of these elements come together to create music.

This course will assist you in growing your skills in all these areas. You will use the keyboard, your voice, and interactive practice routines to understand and memorize some fundamental facts about music that you will apply directly to your music pursuits throughout life.

Practical: Basic knowledge of Music, Technical work like Sight Reading, Finger Technique, Scales, arpeggios, chords and other skill enhancing exercises will be taught in every class

Students completing this level will move forward to the next level. 

  • Registration through out the year.

  • Course Fee : 2500 per month

  • Course Duration : 6 Months

  • ​Registration Fee: 1500 

  • ​Payment Full

  • Audition Requirement: Yes

  • Time/ Duration: 1 hours session/ once a week.

  • Its a compulsary for Junior / Grade Musicians​

Discovering Music - KinderMusik

Join Us

Basic Program for Children.  Age Group between 5 to 8 years 

Music is fun for a new beginner’s first class at Urban Raga as our teaching techniques is customized to suit your child’s need. 

Popular choices at this stage include Piano, Keyboard, Guitar and Singing.

​Course Content : Our kinder musicians will explore many of the basic elements of music and the piano in this lively and enjoyable course: developing rhythm through clapping and counting, This helps to develop each child’s ‘inner ear’ and sight singing skills, which are crucial to all music making. 


  • Course Fees:  2,500/- Monthly.

  • Session : One Hour

  • Monthly 4 sessions

  • Course Duration : 10 months

  • Registration Fee: 1500 Anually

  • Activity Fee: depends on participation.

  • Please call us to know more.

International Certification Program - Music Grade Courses

Growing Together - Certified Course

Subjects : Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar

Certification / Syllabus: International Certification Program by ABRSM, Rock School of Music & London College of Music. Certificates are recognized throughout the world. 

Term based program : It is a Term based music program. Also for students who wants to follow syllabus based curriculum. Students can appear for international certification. 

Characteristics :- Music graded and diploma qualifications make a distinctive contribution to education in and through music, because of the emphasis placed upon the following combination of characteristics: 

•  Creative thinking - Compose your thoughts into music

•  Practical skills either independent of literacy, or related to it; which includes Practical & Theory as a subject.

•  An assessment system equipping candidates with added-value to enhance career routes, educational opportunities and decision-making. 

•  Enhanced ability in acquiring the personal disciplines and motivation necessary for life-long learning; 

•  An enduring love, enjoyment and understanding of the performing arts, from the perspective of both participants and audience

Accereditation - Ofqual Accreditation which means The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. They maintain standards and confidence in qualifications in England and are independent of government 

Summary of Music Grade Courses. 

Course Summery 

  • Technical Work : 15% - Practical: Technical Pieces, Scales, arpeggios, chords and other skill enhancing exercises.

  • Performance - 60%. (Lesson Book for selective Subjects. Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Voice. - The parameters that measure the 100% completion of a piece is good rhythm, dynamics, tempo, musicality and interpretation (depending on the piece).)

  • Viva Voce - 7%

  • Chord Sequence / Accompanying Test - 10%

  • Aural Tests 

  • Assessment  done by Examination Board London

  • Grading  - Pass: 65-74% Merit: 75-84% Distinction: 85-100% 

  • Accereditation - Ofqual Accreditation.

  • Assessment: Exam conducted by Examination Board London, with Grading  - Pass: 65-74% Merit: 75-84% Distinction: 85-100%. 

  1. Admission Process.

  2. Please come and meet Department Head to understand the syllabus.

  3. Schedule/Batch Timing will be decided after you meet the Teacher. We do have weekdays / Weekends batches. 

  4. Course Fee (monthly fee) :

    1. Piano: Rs. 3000

    2. Keyboard / Guitar / Violin / Vocal / Drums :- Rs.2500

  5. Registration Fee: 1500

  6. Fee defaulters will not be allowed to appear for exams & performance. Audition Requirement: Yes

  7. Exam Fee as per exam board.

Music for All - Regular Course

Instrument, Vocal (Western /Carnatic /Hindustani) & Percussion (Tabla or Drums).

Our regular courses are unique and flexible, placing emphasis on what each individual student needs in order to develop their technical ability and practical experience as a musician. We always place emphasis on the need to perform and our students gain varied experience in solo performance, session playing, accompaniment skills and playing in a band.

  • Specialised Courses taught by our Guest Faculty Member. 

  • Audition is must. 

  • Performed in Group Classes.​

  • Lots of Events and Recitals for live on-stage experience.

  • Registration Fee: 1500 

  • ​Course Fee  :  Rs. 2500/- per month.

  • ​Payment monthly

  • Time/ Duration: 1 hours session/ once a week. (4 classes a month)

Leisure and hobby courses at Urban Raga

Hands-On Learning for Professional

Our leisure and contemporary courses are for those who  is looking for hobby class or a performance oriented curriculum/ course that’s right for you than here is the course for you.

Whether you are looking to develop a new hobby, improve your skills or move to the next level in your career, matches with exam structure you will get your choice at urban raga

We look forward to helping you to attain your learning goals and achieve your potential.


1.          Performance oriented contemporary style curriculum.

2.          Exciting Repertoire. including popular english songs, tracks that lead to growth of heart, mind & soul.

3.          Internationally recognise Curriculum

4.          Well trained & expert teachers, 

5.          Systemised fun learning curriculum based on more than 50 years of research & experience.

6.          Supporting Sound source with back track used as playback during classes.

7.          Lesson Style - Group classes with personal attention.

8.          Planned lesson with minimum learning time.

9.          Instrument and Education at one place. No Need to carry your instrument.

Syllabus objectives 

1.    A course of study based on this Performance as well as structured curriculum. Syllabus is intended to provide: A balanced combination of performing skills and the supporting literacy.

2.    Opportunities for learning and assessment that are both creatively challenging and technologically relevant.

3.    Opportunities for mastery learning that are structured and directly related to the repertoire published for each grade.

4.    Candidates with the basis for study and practice to develop relevant and usable skills and concepts.

Below are the details of admission & fee structure of the school.

Admission Process:-

1.          Please come and meet  Department Head to understand the syllabus.

2.          Schedule/Batch Timing will be decided after you meet the Teacher. We do have weekdays / Weekends batches. 

Fee details :- 

One time registration fee as Rs. 1500

Monthly fee :

•       Piano: Rs. 3000

•       Keyboard / Guitar / Violin / Vocal / Drums :- Rs.2500

•       Weekly Once. If you need more classes you can discuss with teacher. 

 Start your musical journey with Urban Raga today!

Let us cultivate the musician in you.