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He is the founder member of our school, Sian is a highly accomplished teacher, performer and session guitarist with 15 years of playing experience.  Born talented whose enthusiastic approach motivates his students to success and perform.  His thorough knowledge and clear teaching style ensures the development of all his students. Sian is an experienced, versatile guitarist knowledge in all genre Flamenco, Metal and Rock. 

His students always note his obvious dedication and his ability to make seemingly complex styles accessible to beginners.

  • Specialised Courses taught by our Faculty Member.

  • Audition is must.

  • Performed in Group Classes.

  • Lots of Events and Recitals for live on-stage experience.

  • Registration Fee: 1500

  • Course Fee : Rs. 2500/-

  • Payment quarterly

  • Time/ Duration: 1 hours session/ once a week. (4 classes a month)

  • Schedule:

    • Friday / Saturday 5 to 6, 6 to 7 & 7 to 8



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