Benry Moses | Guitar Sessions

Committed to Quality

Benry Moses one of our experienced and popular Guitar teacher of our school and he is a creative performer with 8 years professional experience. Ben is a versatile guitarist in-depth knowledge of theory as well as practical. He  prepares students for music grade exams and  have a 100% pass rate with distinction or merit.

Our regular courses are unique and flexible, placing emphasis on what each individual student needs in order to develop their technical ability and practical experience as a musician. We always place emphasis on the need to perform and our students gain varied experience in solo performance, session playing, accompaniment skills and playing in a band.

  • Specialised Courses taught by our Faculty Member. 

  • Audition is must. 

  • Performed in Group Classes.​

  • Lots of Events and Recitals for live on-stage experience.

  • Quarterly ​Course Fee Payment: Rs. 7500/- .

  • Time/ Duration: 1 hours session/ once a week. (4 classes a month)

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