Piano Concert Hall

Admission Process

Your musical Journey begins here

  1. Please call us to fix an appointment with respective Music Faculty member.

  2. Our faculty member will explain the Syllabus / Course Curriculum and your batch timing of your music class.

  3. All the classes will be managed by an APP - mainly for Class attendance, Payment, Class Booking or Class Cancellation. 

  4. There will be an audition class if needed.

  5. To apply for Admission there is a One Time Registration Fee of Rs. 1500/-

  6. Download the class booking APP from Google Play store for the Android /APP store of iOS  for booking class and Fee management.

  7. will approve your admission.

  8. Once our school administrator approves your form and registration payment, you will be able to see your details in the school management system/App for booking/start your classes. 

  9. You need to pay your Monthly Fees through the APP to start booking your classes. 

  10. Course Fee depends on curriculum and subject you choose on APP 


  1. Complete the Registration formalities mentioned above.

  2. Make sure you have a Musical instrument at home and a tablet or laptop, or a smartphone with a camera and video capability.

  3. Make sure you have your online account information whether you use Zoom. BEFORE the first lesson. Test the video and sound capability of your device and adjust settings for music classes.

  4. Subscribe to a broadband connection or Cellular Data - hotspot connection with good speed. In general, using Wi-Fi is faster than using wireless data from a cellphone carrier.

  5. Please adjust the camera so that the students hand and the instrument can be seen.

  6. If you are having any technical issues with online lessons, please call or email your teacher directly. If you would like to do a trial run with your teacher please let us know ahead of time.

  7. For students under 18, the parent or guardian must be present at the beginning and end of the lesson for check-in and check out.

Monthly fees details :

  • Piano: Rs. 3000

  • Keyboard / Guitar / Violin / Vocal / Drums :- Rs.2500

  • One time registration fee of Rs. 1500

  • Weekly Once. If you need more classes you can discuss with teacher. 

  • Exam Board - LCM ABRSM - Teacher/Faculty will decide. (Optional).

Thank you, Happy Learning.